Where I’ve been wandering

Some wanderings in 2014 and 2013: (upper photos) Rome, Provence, Barcelona; (middle) Vienna, Amsterdam; (bottom) Marseilles, Paris, Paros, Prague. (Photos by @iamtanyalara)

So, Macedonia makes it the 50th country I’ve visited in my lifetime. This post should really be titled “How I learned to make interactive maps” to remember where I’ve been.

A couple of years ago, an acquaintance mentioned to my colleagues that she had traveled to Guam with me on a coverage. I said I had never set foot in Guam. Ever. But she was so insistent that for a second I thought: did I really go to Guam and  forget all about it?

The answer is no. I had never been there, but it led me to think that there might be places that are slipping from my memory, though I loved being there at the time. (I forget where I put my car keys at least once a week, or is that twice?)

While I don’t keep a diary, working as a journalist all my life has taught me to mentally store details, atmosphere and conversations, to  take down notes even when I am not working. After I started my travel blog in January, I told my friend Cedric in Paris that I wanted to make maps of my wanderings to remind me of the stories I’ve been wanting to write for years, also because I’ve lost  thousands of pictures from some trips because I keep accidentally deleting them en masse.

He taught my how to do it over Skype, which was frustrating at first because I don’t know how to do shit on Google, then it got fun — and then obsessive. Each map can only have a maximum of 10 layers, and I’ve done mine per country. You can be as specific as per city and its sights or attractions if you have the time.

So here’s an example of how you can plot your travels. Trust me, don’t start until the weekend because if you’re anything like me, you’re not gonna stop till they are finished. Start mapping!

21 thoughts on “Where I’ve been wandering

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who questions her memory and sanity at any given moment. 🙂 I’d like to learn more about these maps, do you have any photos? It sounds very interesting but you need to share more information. 🙂


  2. This is super cool! I’m also a I majored in journalism and writing is my first love. For this reason, I tell people all of the time that I deal in words and conjugations and not numbers and directions. I’m impressed that you were able to pull the interactive map off.


  3. this interactive map is so awesome! now if only it would link back to all the specific posts you wrote on them 🙂 i am the worst about recording down details of my trip and often times by the time i’m blogging, it is a struggle putting information together. recently i’ve been better about it though.


  4. I am seriously so jealous of your travels! I want to travel the world. It is a dream of mine! Your photos are beautiful – you can see how happy you are! 🙂


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