Journalist Tanya Lara in (clockwise from top left) Boracay’s White Beach, Petra, Istanbul, Grand Canyon, El Nido’s Pangulasian Resort, Hong Kong and Shangri-La Boracay.

Hello, bonjour, merhaba, kumusta!

Welcome to my  blog, a collection of travel stories, photos, and a whole lot of musings. I’m a full-time newspaper  journalist (since forever!) at the Philippine Star, a dog lover,  wanderer, reader, book editor, storyteller, and sometimes Superwoman.

I’ve been been to 50 countries so far and hundreds of cities, but who’s counting, right? Doing a travel blog was suggested to me for years by fellow journalists and friends who know me to be very footloose and adventurous. Like the site name suggests, we are all finding our way around and through this world.

And oftentimes, you get lost from point A to B. You find yourself standing on the wrong platform at Paris’ Gare de Lyon and missing your train, or you have two GPS and they’re directing you to opposite directions, or a stranger pays for your train ticket to Schipol because you’re on the wrong side of the tracks and your card wouldn’t let you out. Or you forget your laptop at London Heathrow’s security x-ray on your way to a flight for which you are already late — and then have to run back to retrieve it because, seriously, your laptop is your life.

We all get lost sometimes and finding our way in a whole new unexpected destination is just half the fun of traveling. Along the way we meet helpful people or sometimes rude ones; we strike friendships that could last a long time or not, or even some that we later regret. They all become part of our travels, our memories, our lives.

As a reader, writer and editor, I know that what I enjoy most are good stories. I hope you do too. I’d love it if you’d visit my blog as often as you can.

— Tanya T. Lara

Reach out and say hi if you like what you’ve read here (or even if you didn’t!)
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Journalist Tanya Lara
Tanya in  (from left) Valensole, Amsterdam, Aix en Provence; Boracay, Istanbul, Paris, Elancourt’s France Miniature Park; Barcelona, Rome, Queenstown and Monaco.

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  1. It is so refreshing to read about dubrovnik in the 11th month of masks & face shields. Travel is one of the things to look forward to when everything clears up – when God finally decides to put an end to the virus.

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